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HILT INVESTMENT FUND analyzes hundreds of stocks traded on Bursa Malaysia daily to identify and select the best possible trades that can be made on any given day. With this service you will enjoy a level of analysis and an opportunity for profit that is rarely -if ever- seen by the individual investor.

What really sets Hilt Investment Fund apart from the other advisory services is the basic philosophy behind the service: we produce profits while keeping risk to an absolute minimum.

Hilt Investment Fund uses three techniques to scan thousands of stocks multiple times a day. The fundamental model screens for stocks to add into our database based upon solid fundamentals. The technical program then screens these stocks for setups that indicate the stock is primed to rise. The neural net model goes a step futher and backtests these setups to only include ones that have been profitable consistently in the past.

For the individual investor, Hilt Investment Fund levels the playing field with the big institutions.

Hilt Management Team 2005

It is general information not prepared for your specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs .Consult a licenced investment adviser before making investment decisions. The information only and are not an invitation to trade in a financial product.
* Past performance is no indication of futures results. There is a risk of loss in trading any instrument as well as the potential for profit. NO ADVICE GIVEN. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Results are hypothetical. Hypothetical results do not correspond to actual profits or losses.



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